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Better lighting for better and efficient tasks

A good lighting system is considered a necessity in house holds and other daily life areas in this modern age. A well lit home, garden, football field, etc are considered to be more desirable in low light environmental conditions. Moreover, this has not changed since man first started dwelling on this earth. As a fact we know that people want to have a higher light angle and better brightness at lower costs. For this only we have in store the 1500 watt led flood light.

Advantages 1500 watt LED flood light:

- First and for most as any out door flood light requires the 1500 watt led flood is water resistant.
- It has a starting of 130lm/ watt lumination ratio and is customizable to a 160lm/watt lumination ratio also. This gives an 80% saving in electricity than the conventional high-pressure sodium and metal halide Iamps.
- Has a working life of 80000 hours.
- Led life failure percentage of 2%

Considering the low failure percentages and high working life also it's safe to presume that the 1500 watt led flood is a choice when considering for flood lights for daily living needs.