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Discover 1500 watt LED Grow Light

1500 watt LED grow lights are energy savers and are usually double chipped. They provide full spectrum light which is similar to sunlight. This is why they are used for indoor plantation. Growers who are concerned about the quality of their vegetables use 1500 watt LED grow light as it is intelligent enough to regulate itself according to the needs of plants. These light have low heat loss as heat sinks are fitted in them and they can be placed close to the plant without burning the leaves.

The number of LEDs required depends on your plant type, growth phase and the total area in which you want to cultivate plants. These LEDs are most suitable for growing green pepper, eggplant, lettuce, flowers, and cannabis.

Now let us see how they work. They are simple diodes. The photons of light are given out when electrons and holes cross the junction of the diode and combine. They absorb little chlorophyll as compared to other lights used for vegetation. 1500 watt LED grow light helps in increasing photosynthesis process which plays a major role in the development of plants. Suggested distance between LED and plants is 1.2 to 2metres.