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Completing Your Outdoor Space with 250W Flood Light Lumens

Everyone needs a 250W flood light in their lives. Who wants to sit in the back garden on a balmy summer’s evening in the dark? OK, candles are romantic, but they burn out, drop wax all over the table and any gust of wind waves goodbye to that flame.

LED flood lights are the future. Well, actually, thankfully, they’re the present. They're the low-cost way of creating a bright pool of light in the outdoors with minimal power consumption. They come in various shapes and sizes, are simple to install and have infinitely longer lives than traditional element or Halogen light bulbs.

Lumens are the unit of measurement of “light emitted per second”: the higher the lumen count, the brighter the bulb. LEDs are capable of amazingly high Lumen output with minimal energy drain in comparison to element or Halogen bulbs.

A 250W flood light lumen count can be as high as 2400. That’s a lot of light and with an average 25,000 hours of life, you should never have to replace it. 25,000 hours equates to 22 years if you use it for 3 hours a day, every day! So once you've installed your 250W flood light, lumens of light will pour forth and you'll never need to climb up a ladder to change the bulb ever again. At least, not within the next 22 years!

These lights are ultra efficient. For a 250W flood light with 2400 lumens, it should cost you just over $3 a year if you use it for 3 hours a day, each day. Lights can be chosen with varying color temperatures from warm to cool. Cool is effectively day light, whilst warm is a softer, slightly sepia glow, so you can find a light appearance that suits your exact preference.

There's absolutely no denying it - flood lights make a garden more welcoming and are great for security, so if you're in the market to upgrade that old spotlight that burns up the power, look no further than an LED flood light.