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Spend a Few, Save a Few

An energy efficient trend has hit stores in recent years, and we think it's worth it to spend a few extra bucks for this product. Light bulbs, though minor, are a very vital part of a home, and work life these days. You almost never think about them until the one moment where one goes out, and you're virtually blind at an unexpected moment. This year, we suggest converting bulbs in businesses or homes to 250 watt led light bulbs. There are so many benefits to switching to led including energy efficiency, economic efficiency, as well as less overall maintenance. Though the price for a single 250 watt light bulb is a bit steeper than a basic bulb, the long life of over 18 years is enough incentive to switch. It is also to be noted that if you are the environmentally conscious type, many 250 watt light bulbs are mercury and radiation free.