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400w sodium flood lights to go for

There are different types of 400w sodium flood lights which vary depending on their specifications. One example is the Lithonia lighting TFL 400s RA2 TB LPI 1 lamp 400W High-Pressure Sodium Flood Light, Bronze.

This type of Sodium Flood Light has a gloss bronze constructed using aluminum. Another specification is that it produces a light that is yellow in color which is suitable for outdoor applications. Also, it has a sodium bulb made of 1400-Watt HID that is of high pressure. In addition, it has a sodium magnetic ballast that withstands high pressure. Finally, the dark bronze finishing of the Lithonia lightings floodlight is made of a polyester powder that is corrosion resistant.

This type of 400w sodium flood lights is applicable in parking lots, car lots, building facades and recreational areas. It offers a balanced heavy duty construction with an attractive functionality due to its soft, compact cornered flood light. Hence, Lithonia lighting is the best choice of 400w sodium flood lights.