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LEDs have become the mainstream lights used in modern lighting requirements including both indoor and outdoor lights. They are used for flood lights, stadium lights, road lights, outdoor wall lights and indoor panels among other areas. LEDs are cheaper, easier to install, safer and also conserve more energy. They come in different designs and wattage ranging from 100W to 10,000W or more. However, 5000W LED light is generally considered a perfect option for most cast outdoor wall lighting requirements. A typical 5000W LED light can serve a wider area while using only a fraction of the energy alternative lights consume. nevertheless, not all offers you come across will impress you. It is advisable to consider your unique requirements and review each 5000W LED light based on these needs. This will ensure you get the perfect design, size, and features. As a rule of thumb, you should shop from stores that offer several options to choose from since the market is flooded with numerous high end LEDs.