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Bell Howell led lights

Bell Howell led lights having the most cost effective light solutions have got the portable torchlight. These flashlights are battery powered making them portable as they work even when not connected to the power source since they use portable dry cells. Bell Howell uses the recently developed LED technology. The LED technology used is more efficient in converting electricity. They have a magnetic base that makes it possible to attach them to a metallic surface. They are economical as they can light up to 5000 days (above ten years) without replacing the batteries. Users can easily switch between the illumination modes by pressing a single button from the torch lite mode and the flash light mode and vice versa. They are attached with a hook that rotates up to 360 degrees hence they can be placed in strategic locations when working on confined rooms. They are environmentally friendly as they produce light that looks the sun's natural light. They are also shock resistant as they cannot be affected by an unfortunate single drop. They are weather resistant, therefore good for outdoor activities.