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Cattail solar light is built in steel with a color alteration from red, to green, yellow and even blue. Its lighting system is sensor automated, it will turn off at dusk and at dawn, off. Cattail solar light has a permanent, beautiful LED glass that glows up to 8 hours of the night. Its solar cell can be set 10 ft away for a proper sun display. lts double A rechargeable battery is 700nicad and lasts for two years It comes with a 50cm wire that is to connect the gap between each light, also there is a one-meter wire for the solar panel.Cattail solar panel light is built in plastic that withstands any weather, this prevents it from quick tear and wear. The fact that its material is of quality and long lasting makes it perfect for outdoors such as balcony, gardens, gates, and backyards. It indeed creates a beautiful, calm and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for a good life and is just a must have.