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All About Costco Led Pot Lights

Costco Led Pot Lights offer a lighting solution with super bright illumination and ease of use for anyone looking for portable LED lighting. These lights can easily be placed on almost any surface you want simply by sticking the lights onto it with 3M sticky tapes. In addition, there is a built-in magnet in case you want to attach the lights to a metal surface. Both the tapes and the magnet are designed to hold the lights for an indefinite amount of time, so don't worry about your Costco Led Pot Lights falling off and possibly breaking.

Another a notable feature is the built-in motion sensor - turn it on if you don't want the light-shining when nobody's around and don't want to have to turn it off yourself. The sensor has a 10ft/120A range and turns off after 20 seconds if there is no movement.

Costco Led Pot Lights run on rechargeable batteries and are especially useful when placed in dark places, such as closets, drawers or virtually any spot that requires bright lighting. Remarkably convenient, they can always be removed from a surface and then stuck onto a different one, no drilling or handy work required.