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Wac step lights

Wac Step lights are designed for safety on walkways, patios, building perimeters, decks, stain/ways, and balcony areas. They exhibit impressive architectural designs that accommodate energy efficient lamping for long-lasting outdoor and indoor lighting solutions. The featured style creates a romantic, attractive impression at night.

Wac Step Lights uses direct wiring which does not require drivers. The connection and assembly process can accommodate up to 200 fixtures in parallel.

This lighting adopts low profile design with no visible hardware that matches well with the wall aesthetics.

It is available in white metal, Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel finishes which allow users to select their preferred option.

Wac Step Lights has an efficient power consumption of 3.9W with CRI of 83 and a color temperature of 3000K. It has a replaceable LED module and 40, 000 hour rated life. Besides, the lights can be dimmed by switching on electronic low voltage dimmer. Therefore, these lights are suitable for most households.