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With a mention of home lighting system, wiring step light cannot be ignored at all cost. Apart from their luminous, beautiful light, wiring step light come with a number of pluses. First, their installation is fast and easy, you simply screw it on the surface, you do not have to be a professional since no wiring is required, it has screws which are used in the mounting. Besides, installing it alone would save money and some experience is gained too. Wiring step lights are also made from stainless steel and waterproof material, they are good for outdoor spaces such as home gardens, staircases, and the fact that they are on an auto on mode at night/off by day enables them to save energy, making them Eco-friendly. They are also durable since their sockets are shock proof, this guarantees long bulb life. Wiring step lights also have a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of illumination on a full charge.