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There are numerous flood light fixture options out there but we are going to concentrate on one particular flood light fixture. The 1000 watt flood light fixtures, come in different varieties from different manufacturers, and in this article, we are going to focus on some of the general features and applications, of this lighting appearance.

First off, the 1000 watt flood light fixtures come in a rectangular or square-like shape, with a clear glass screen at the front to allow light from the bulb through. The inside of the encasing of the fixture is reflective to increase light dispersion thus increasing the area the light covers. The bulb mostly used with these fixtures are metal Halide bulbs which are capable of emitting up to 110000 Lumens of light.

Most of these fixtures are U.L approved and thus are safe for use in wet areas. The fixtures can be used for a variety of both industrial and commercial applications. They can be used in construction sites, small fields, parking lots and even for stage lighting.

The 1000 watt flood light fixtures are durable and they have wide functionality.