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Flood lights can be used for various lighting requirements although most are sighted in large playing grounds and live band concerts that need a more focused light. These artificial lights are very effective in illuminating large spaces during lowly dim light periods and can be arranged in a panel and hang several feet above ground to illuminate a much wider region. For a much smaller area, it is advisable to go for a 1000W flood light which is enough to illuminate an enter backyard or front yard. Using a 1000W flood light will save you more energy bills while cutting down your maintenance and repair costs since most of them use LED technology. You can also buy a couple to create your own panel, which can help create a light source for gathering events like reunions, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Nevertheless, make sure you review your options before picking a 1000W flood light that will meet your specifications and needs. They come in several designs/styles, sizes and have varied features too.