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The 1000w sodium flood light is the ideal lighting system that is suitable in wet areas with heavy rains, this makes it suitable for use in parking lots, outdoor work place and lighting fields.

The 1000w sodium flood light is made of die casted aluminum casing and is modified with an anodized aluminum white reflector. This lamp is constructed by use of stainless steel hardware and a polyester powder coated finishing making it tough.

It is modified with integral quad voltage ballast which is evenly isolated in the casing unit this feature makes it a multi-voltage capable.

The 1000w sodium flood light produces approximately 110,000 lumens illumination that is accepted and allowed to use in wet areas, its ability to provide lighting solution for a number of industrial and commercial use also popular for use in hazardous places.

It is weather proof and it also has a long durability with high-performance capability. The lamp has two mounting choices which are; a pole top slip fit and a trunnion yoke bracket mount it enable attaching to flat surfaces and walls.