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In this listing you can choose and buy LED street lighting fixtures for pole mounting at affordable prices of up to 300 watts.

Looking for a reliable LED led pole light for street, yard or production facility lighting?

Here you will find LED street lights on the pole (mounted on a pipe up to 52 mm in diameter) in the assortment.

Light flux is up to 36000 Lm. The models emit white light with a color temperature of 4000K or yellow (warm) light. It allows to organize effective and comfortable street illumination for eyes.

To features of production it is necessary to carry:
- The level of protection against external factors is IP67. This provides the possibility of mounting the proposed elements outdoors without the need for their protection with the help of special devices (visors, housings, etc.).
- Rugged anodized aluminum housing that retains its aesthetic appearance throughout the life of the products. In addition, it does not need to be painted or cared for in any special way.
- Reliable fasteners for mounting lamps on pipes up to 52 mm in diameter.
- An impressive resource. Due to the use of high-quality Epistar LEDs and other brands, the life expectancy of LED street lights is about 100,000 hours.
- Energy efficiency class A+ and efficiency not less than 0.9, which provides good indicators of efficiency of these products.