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Functional solution: solar-powered garden lights

But now it is quite possible to admire your plot both during the day and at night, resorting to the help of garden lanterns. The principle of operation of solar-powered garden lanterns is quite simple. With the advent of darkness garden lanterns on solar panels, accumulating energy of the sun during the day, automatically activate the lamp-diode. If you see solar garden lanterns from afar, you might think they are fireflies. In this case, the basic rule of landscape design works - there is never much light. Professionals advise you to buy solar-powered garden lanterns and place them not only on the edges of the paths or porches of the veranda. Having placed garden fixtures on all perimeter of a site - so you will successfully underline unusual beauty of your rosary or separately located unusual ornamental plant, will wrap in a riddle alpinarium, in a favourable light will expose a mixboarder. In other words, you will achieve a truly enchanting effect of your garden and will be able to rest at the end of the day, enjoying such a charming sight, regardless of the darkness.

A simple solution: buy solar-powered garden lights

It is worth noting that ordinary incandescent light bulbs are better suited to illuminate such important domestic areas as paths, stairs, pergola, porches and driveways. But solar garden lanterns will help to create the necessary atmosphere for you, to focus on your favorite places and plants - to attract maximum attention to the flower bed with rare flowers, to leave brilliant reflections on the flat surface of the water in a decorative pond and finally bring out of the shadows of all the decorative characters of your design - pots, statuettes, jugs. It is also worth noting that with the help of solar garden lanterns you can transform something big into a small, and something small into a big one: in a large garden, illuminating only a separate small area, you will allocate a secluded private area, and in a small garden, placing the lamps as often as possible, optically increase the space of the site.

Distinctive characteristics of round fence post solar lights

Solar garden lights are equipped with a special plastic pin, which greatly simplifies their use. To install such a lamp, you just need to stick its pin in the ground - it will take you just a few seconds. Such fast installation also does not require any preparatory work and red tape with wires and electricity, which, it is worth noting, is often enough to disconnect the countryside without any warnings. The only nuance is the fact that solar garden lanterns should never be in the shade, because the initial condition for its operation is the constant exposure of sunlight on the solar panel, even on cloudy days. That is why it is necessary to select places where the leaves of garden plants will not prevent the sun from entering the lantern. Solar garden lanterns are protected from the weather and do not need any special care, but when it gets cold it is advisable to hide the garden lanterns in the house to avoid damaging the solar panels.

Technical features of solar garden luminaires

Despite the huge variety of species, solar garden luminaires in Kiev have common features - it is, above all, the presence of a solar cell through which to charge the battery luminaire. Termination of sunlight access to the solar cell gives the luminaire a kind of signal to switch on, which is due to the accumulated solar energy during the day. This is often the reason for some inconvenience in use - a solar-powered garden luminaire on a cloudy or rainy day will not get enough energy to recharge, so it will not illuminate its territory in the dark. Also for the installation of such a landscape light device should be chosen a place where the trees or designs do not create a shadow obstacle to recharge the battery.

Solar garden lighting and design suggestions

One glance at the catalogues of the online store is enough to understand - solar-powered garden lamps - an extremely diverse, bright and decoratively attractive category of lighting devices. In the assortment you can find simple, simple garden solar lamps, disguised as stones and flowers, which are easily hidden on the lawn or flowerbed between plants, not attracting much attention, and only at night with its lighting create a festive cozy atmosphere. There is a solar-powered garden lamp, which also has an aesthetic value, made in the form of garden sculptures - gnomes and snails, shells and castles.